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California’s Cannabis Concierge is the new division of Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge

Since 2015, Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge has provided curated cannabis experiences, in both one-off projects and events, designed for both the cannabis industry and general public, always with a focus on education and offering unique, informative, and entertaining consumption opportunities.

We support craft cannabis growers and processors, women owned enterprises and POC owned brands, and believe strongly in extra clean lab tested cannabis and CBD products.

CEO Joshua J. Taylor, along with Connie Wohn, founded OCC in 2015. Based in Portland, Oregon, since 2015 he has written the syndicated weekly newspaper column on cannabis, “Cannabuzz/Smoke Signals”, carried by The Portland Mercury, Seattle Stranger and Bend Source Weekly. In addition to writing for Leafly, Dope, and other publications, he has designed and designed and produced a number of cannabis events including Weed The People, Green Friday, Oregon Hemp Convention, The Summer Fair, Toke Talks, among others. 

His work as a Caregiver through the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program for the past 10 years has involved researching and providing cannabis recommendations and products for issues ranging from pediatric epilepsy to end of life care. 15 years working in the music industry has informed a unique perspective as to how cannabis is used by musicians while touring and in the studio, which has shaped the Backstage Budtending services.

Partnerships formed in California motivated the expansion from Oregon. “We have a track record of producing safe, compliant, and enjoyable events for 50 to 3,000 guests. We believe our extensive experience navigating Oregon’s Recreational cannabis program since 2015 provides a unique perspective and insight to our efforts in California.” says Taylor. “We offer options to responsibly integrate cannabis into people’s personal and professional lives, and believe that starts with using craft cannabis that can pass the most rigorous pesticide screenings, because anything less undercuts our efforts.”

“Cannabis legalization in California offers endless opportunities to help people, both experienced and neophyte, enjoy and explore cannabis in new forms – by pairing with food and beverage, exploring edibles and tinctures that are micro dosed and strain specific, products with precise varying ratios of THC to CBD, and many more.”

We believe in collaboration over competition, and look forward to sharing the bounty of world class cannabis products with consumers and patients in California through our events and projects.

Our work has been covered by numerous publications including Time, Newsweek, Reuters, The Guardian (U.K) Google news, Weed World UK, A+J, and many others.

We provide Backstage Budtending services to numerous venues, festivals, artists/bands, labels, promoters , recording studios and management agencies. By consulting directly with the artists and crew, we can provide an experience that best supports specific intentions. We share a wide range of THC/CBD products grown and processed by our partners at N/C. We believe the best pathway to creating consumers to support our partners is by supplying education of a product’s benefits and effects, so a detailed product menu of all items offered is available. 

Green Friday – In 2015, we recruited 25+ sungrown Southern Oregon cannabis producers, allowing us to offer over 50 different stains to patients and consumers in a unique project on Black (Green) Friday. We packaged quarter ounces of each strain in glass jars, and produced a 16 page color guide that described the farms and grow methods, their strains and effects/benefits, and information regarding the lower carbon footprint used in sungrown cannabis production. On Green Friday, these were offered at over 20 dispensaries statewide for $20 per quarter, and 50 pounds sold out by end of day. 

Puff Puff Pour – This event series carefully pairs three unique strains with three complimentary beverage options, inc: Microbrewed Beers, Wines, Spirits, Coffees, Kombuchas, and Fruit/Vegetable based options. Using Herbalizer vaporizers, guests are provided with a flight of three flowers and beverages, with a terpene screening of both to explore showing how the shared terpenes impacts the pairings. Grower and beverage maker are both on hand to discuss their collaboration, and how they produce their respective products.

Our “Industry Only” events include Weed Industry Night (WIN), open only to Dispensary and Wholesaler staff. A sponsor from each product category (Flower, Extract/Solvent, Edible, Topical, Tincture and Tech) engages one on one with guests to discuss their product line in an intimate, unrushed setting that encourages Q and A about product benefits to patients and consumers, production methods, and brand selling points. On site consumption allows a more comprehensive understanding of the products offered, and gift bags with samples and information help establish a more thorough knowledge of the offerings, resulting in a more educated and experienced sales staff.