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Puff Puff Pour

One farm provides three unique strains (or three farms provide a single strain), each of which is flavor matched to an individual beverage in a trio of Microbrew Beers, Wines/Ciders, Small batch Spirits, Cold Brew Coffees, Drinking Vinegars, Kombuchas, and Fruit/Vegetable Beverages.

Each session allows guests to enjoy these “Flights of Fire” curated collections, with consumption guided by a trained budtender using a high end Desktop or Portable vaporizer, to maximize the extractions and taste of the terpenes. Attendees consume one to three vape draws of the strain, while drinking a small serving of the paired beverage.

Displays explain how the strain and beverage were matched for complementary or contrasting flavor notes, and explore the shared terpenes using results from lab tests.

Small sessions provide guests ample time to learn about the growing methods used, the lineage of the strain, and the potential beneficial effects of each for medical and recreational use.

Please contact josh@californiascannabisconcierge.com for more information on our Puff Puff Pour events.